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Beyond Change

Our Giving Initiative

At the heart of ARTEMIA is the belief that when one does well, one must do good. Along with being experts in their fields, every stakeholder shares this belief. Together, ARTEMIA has created Beyond Change, an investment vehicle focused on education, environmental preservation, and helping people escape poverty. Beyond Change is funded with a portion of the profits ARTEMIA generates through its core services.  ARTEMIA is extremely proud that its efforts enable significant positive change around the world.

Reality Bites

Matchmaker for Soulutions: life - relationship - mental - health

Real Lives

Dotsub - dreamflag projects... dreaming without boarders.

Colorful Flags
Animation for Education

Putting well respected literature e.g. William Shakespeare to animation.

Colorful Graffiti

Making the world a better place, from local to global.

Colorful Mosaic Tiles
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