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Our Services

Thoughtful, continual monitoring and evaluation of each client’s portfolio is key.

Asset Management

Upfront a multi-tiered investment strategy is designed to maximise each client’s growth within the specific risk parameters they have set. ARTEMIA then sets-up structures to implement and monitor the program selected by the client.

Capital Preservation

ARTEMIA structures its client’s funds management activities to ensure they are well-positioned to weather even the most challenging economic storms.

The overriding belief is that wealth preservation is the foremost responsibility, so the firm helps its clients build diversified portfolios across multiple asset classes, including exposure to foreign exchange, trade finance, asset backed lending, private equity, algorithmic trading, fund-of-funds, and commodity trading strategies.

Banking Relationships

ARTEMIA has exceptional relationships with top global banks. The network is broad and deep, so the firm can satisfy client requirements, no matter how complex. This network enables ARTEMIA to meet its clients’ funding needs and secure their debt as inexpensively as possible. 


While conservative principles form ARTEMIA’s infrastructure, the company nevertheless takes an innovative approach to investment and wealth management. Contrarian ideas are valued and progressive investment strategies are encouraged and debated. ARTEMIA believes that a diversified portfolio with innovative investment strategies will produce steady growth and moderate volatility over time.

Loan Syndication

Often private sources of debt have specific benefits or are necessary for a transaction, so in addition to sourcing debt from banks, ARTEMIA has the ability to tap a global network of non-banking private funding sources.

Technology and Trading

ARTEMIA is dedicated to producing market-outperforming returns by trading in financial markets and by investing in the financial sector’s digitalisation. Track-record and experience ensure a sophisticated understanding of the structural shifts taking place globally. The trading team uses strategies including very short-term directional plays, long-term structural positions, algorithmic and arbitrage trading, all employing asymmetric risk management. 

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